The Hare

Cortland Review,
Issue 67, May 2015


The wind shifted, and Ganz felt the cool against his face. It remained helpful, almost sobering. But even still, Ganz was aware that he was terribly, horribly on edge. He set his rifle down on the ground against a tree, and readjusted his helmet. From all around came the ten thousand sounds of the forest, the cries of some bird—perhaps a crow or a raven...

Comrade Korolev Sends You Greetings from Mars

Eclectica Magazine,
winter, 2016


The fact that the Central Committee, and not merely the Institute’s Scientific and Technical Council, was interested in his activities was not at all heartening. He had long held a deep and abiding suspicion that his position in the research department was being undermined. He did not care to consider who exactly was behind the most recent development, but he could guess. The Second Five Year Plan had become an experiment even Pavlov could not have dreamed of...

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