Digital Nature: the Case Collection


December 9, 19--

I dreamed of plains of mud washed over by a river of blood. I stayed on the banks of that river, following its course. I was alone, and yet traveled among men.  So scared was I that I burrowed deep into the silt and every pore in my body gasped for air.....

-from The Black Diary, Digital Nature: The Case Collection


In the Case Collection, floods constantly raise the specter of total destruction, pure loss, the annihilation of meaning....
— Author Interview, Iowa Review Web 2003

"The Case Collection presents the debris of a colonialist narrative, and invites you to explore, map and interpret this debris. Using new media to comment on old mediums and signifying practices, the piece presents a landscape of fragmented documentation." -From "SHOTS FROM THE OBSCURE" Interview with Tal Halpern, by Patrick F. Walter, Iowa Review Web, 2003

Accident sets in motion a whole chain of eventualities culminating in love, loss, life, death and history...
— Author Interview, Iowa Review Web 2003